New Phytologist: measuring masting

Masting is easy to conceptualize as large bumper crops happening at interannual lags. However, quantifying that variation in a biologically meaningful way is not that straightforward and debated. In this new New Phytologist viewpoint we suggest that volatility may be a step forward.

New Phytologist: masting forecasting

Can we forecast mast seeding? What do we need to do to provide such tools to forest managers/conservation agencies? Check out the New Phytologist viewpoint that tries to establish masting forecasting as a new branch of our field!

Global Change Biology: tree size and masting breakdown

In the latest paper, now in Global Change Biology, we explored whether masting breakdown variation can be sorted along tree size classes. It can; it is worrisome, but suggest management options to help trees out. Check it out here.

Ministry of Science Award

My work on the ecology of seed production has been awarded the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Award. Huge honor and motivation to keep going.

Online about masting: YouTube lecture

I had the privilege of talking about mast seeding, trophic cascades, proximate and ultimate mechanisms of mast seeding, and climate change effects on seed production on the Copernicus Center YT channel. Check out the recording here.

Eur J For Res: small seeds protect large ones

Palina Celebias published her first PhD chapter in the European Journal of Forest Research. Paulina conducted 3-year-long experiment in which she presented rodents with different seed mixtures of the same oak species: large seeds, small seeds, or mixed. We found that seed survival of large seeds increases if they are mixed with smaller ones, providing…

National Science Center Award

I have received the National Science Center Award for the work on mast seeding ecology. The award is given annually to three scientists that work at Polish universities, in three categories (Arts, Humanities, Social and Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering). Huge honor; impossible without the great network of collaborators that I am lucky…

Two postdoc postions open!

We are looking for two scientists that will help us create a new spot on the scientific map, please see below.

Journal of Ecology: masting improves seed dispersal

A new paper out today shows that per seed dispersal rates increase with population-level seed production in rowan (Sorbus aucuparia). This is the second published chapter of a Ph.D. Student Barbara Seget, Ph.D. defense soon!