Our new masting paper in New Phytologist

Today, we’ve got the acceptation letter from New Phytologist! Good day to start a new week 🙂 In the paper, we first added ‘complete reproductive failure ‘ (or veto) as an additional parameter the to resource budget model. This new parameter describes the situation in which all plants within population experience failure (they do not…

Seminar on masting in Poznań

Day after tomorrow (10.01.2018) I will talk about our recent work on ecology of masting. I sincerely invite everyone interested in ecology of trees, forests, and plants! 🙂 The seminar will take place at Faculty of Biology, Adam Mickiewicz University (Umultowska 89, room: Mała Aula), we start 12:15.  

Red oaks escape insect predation in their invasive range

In our recently published paper, we showed that red oaks escape seed predation by weevils (Curculio spp.) in their invasive range. Compared to native oaks, and to red oaks in the USA, the rate of infestation was 10-times lower in red oaks in Poland. What is more, once weevils infest red oaks in Europe, the…

Nature beyond linearity: new masting paper in Frontiers in Ecol & Evol

One another masting story that I co-authored was just published, this time in Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution. In the paper, we show that the widely accepted notion that weather variation alone could not explain masting is based on an assumption that the relationship between weather and seeding must be linear. Generally, the weather was…

Life, Death and Predation on the Greenland Ice Sheet

I have recently worked with a friend of mine, Krzysztof Zawierucha, on his data looking at the cryoconite communities on the margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet. We published a paper on in Limnology, and now the story was covered by Glacier Hub, including interview with Krzysztof 🙂 Check it our, it included cool pictures…

Large grant: role of pollen limitation in masting

I just received large grant from Polish National Science Foundation (over 100 000 euro) to run some cool masting experiments 😉 We will experimentally evaluate the role pollen limitation as a synchronizing factor in masting of oaks. We are going to test both density-dependence of pollen limitation, as well as phenology-dependence of it (see e.g….

Wind pollination, phenology, and masting – new paper in Ecology!

Both oaks and beech mast, i.e. show extremely high variability in seed production. In the new paper, now accepted in Ecology, we show that the mechanisms that lead to this variation are totally different between these species. The study was successful thanks to a work of a number of great researchers, with the great contribution…

Interviewed again ;) Gazeta Olsztyńska on our research

Adam Nowiński, journalist at Gazeta Olsztyńska, asked me several questions about the connection between Lyme disease risk in humans and acorn production. The interview is available online here (in Polish). The study was published last year in Basic and Applied Ecology.

Global changes and masting paper awarded

Our paper published recently in Journal of Ecology (you might read about our findings here or here) just received the award in the competition for “The best original work by a PhD student published in 2016”, awarded by Polish Academy of Sciences (Polska Akademia Nauk, PAN). Cool to be noticed 🙂

Interview on masting and Lyme disease in Wyborcza

Few weeks ago I talked with Margit Kossobudzka about our research on mast seeding and Lyme disease. The interview is now published in Wyborcza (national-wide polish newspaper), and you can read it under this link. Enjoy! 🙂 You can also check the older posts about this work, e.g. here. And, of course, the original scientific paper here!…