PTRS: special issue on mast seeding

After over a year of work, special issue on ecology and evolution of mast seeding is out in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, see the table of contents here. Leading Editor, Mario Pesendorfer, gave a very neat overview of the contributions on his Tweeter account, here. There are papers about all of it: genetics,…

Impressive mast year in holm oaks

2021 acorn count at our site in Las Carboneras (Western Spain) yielded the most impressive numbers on the record. See yourself! (pictures by Raul Bonal) I 2020, we published an experiment done on this site that tested the phenological synchrony hypothesis. Even though pollen additions are no longer done, monitoring continuous as we hope to…

Radio interview on trees, forests, and mast seeding

Yesterday, I had a quite long conversation about forest ecology, trees, and mast seeding in Radio RDC. You can listen to it here (in polish): I am quite distracted during the first ~10 minutes – I’ve heard myself in the headphones with about 2 sec lag… but still very cool and grateful to have an…

Interview: City of Poznań Science Award

An interview with me was published in the current (September 2021) issue of “Życie Uniwersyteckie”. We talk about science, trees, climate change, but also hobbies, see it here (in polish).

New Phytologist: Tansley Insight

How warming will change masting patterns? I wrote a perspective on this as a finalist of the New Phytologist Tansley Medal for Excellence in Plant Science. Read it here.

Radio interview on PNAS paper

Today, I talked briefly about our recent study, published in PNAS, that reports decline of reproduction with age in trees. You can listen to the interview here, but you must know this was in polish 😉

PNAS: ageing and trees

A new mastif network paper is out. Using millions of observations from ~700 species we show that tree reproduction declines with age, suggesting senescence. Take a look at the press release here to know more, or read the whole story here.

Joining LESSEM and mastif in Grenoble

I now joined the mastif project, led by Jim Clark. I will work with Georges Kunstler, Benoit Courbaud, Valentin Journe, and Jim Clark on pattern and process driving seed production of forests trees at a global scale. This is going to be EXCITING. The fellowship is funded by Bekker programme.

City of Poznań Science Award

Last month, I was awarded with City of Poznań Science Award. This is great honour: the award is given annually, since 1927, to one scientist from one of the city universities. Go masting seeding! 🙂

Interview in Wyborcza

Last week, I talked with Mateusz Jarmusz from Wyborcza about mast seeding and climate change. We discussed about what masting is, how warming change plants reproductive cycle, and what does it mean for humans and forests. The interview is in polish, here.

Ecology: continental synchrony in beech masting

Our paper on drivers of continental scale synchrony in European beech masting is now online at Ecology, check it our here. Lots of very cool results, including but not limited to: 1) Moran effect is the driver of synchrony of beech seed production at the continental level, 2) Beech masting has a clear geographical gradient…