Editor’s Choice in Oikos!

Our recent article “How do vertebrates respond to mast seeding?” awarded with Oikos Editor’s Choice in March issue of Oikos. So exciting!:)

Bez tytułu

Here is the 100-words synthesis of the article:

Mast seeding is a pulsed resource with numerous cascading effects on wildlife. Yet, because masting is largely unpredictable, it is inherently difficult to study. We developed a full-text search algorithm to identify incidental reports as well as deliberate studies of vertebrate reactions to masting. We found that the type of response to mast seeding (reproductive or through immigration) varies predictably as a function of life history traits (litter size and body mass) in mammals, but not in birds. Our literature search also shows that responses to mast- seeding are more taxonomically and ecologically diverse than past reviews have recognized.

You can read the full story here!


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