480 cages for germination experiment ready to go!

It was intense week 🙂 We have buried 480 experimental cages all around the forests near Krzyż Wlkp. (Poland). These are for my grant “Apparent predation in rodent seed dispersal: how does the introduction of an alien plant influence the native plant – seed disperser interaction?” financed by Polish National Science Center.

Using the cages we will test how different rodent services (burial and seed displacement) affects germination probability of invasive red oaks, and our native European oak. I can’t wait to see the results (in spring 2017….)!

We have used these small mesh cages in other studies. Pictures of these with red oak seedlings (in Harvard Forest, used for this study), and European beech (in Gorzów Wlkp, Poland, used for this study) below 🙂



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