Autumn field season is over

We have finished month-long intense field work testing the mechanisms of red oak invasion in European forests. During last few weeks we have sowed acorns of both species at different distances from trees (of red oak and European oak) to test whether seed transportation by rodents positively affects germination probability of acorns. We have also conducted seed tracking to see how the presence of red oaks influence dispersal and predation of native oak acorns (in the framework of apparent predation).

Finally, we collected hundreds of acorns of both species to study the infestation of these with Curculio larvae.

Many surprises! Stay tuned for the papers to hear the stories 🙂

Thanks to Kinga Stępniak, Agnieszka Amborska-Bogdziewicz, and Jaś Bogdziewicz for their help with the work!

See some photos taken by Kinga! 🙂


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