Courses: Statistics in R

I offer courses in statistics in R: an introduction to R environment, GLM, GLS, GAM, GLMM, GAMM models, and data visualization. Contact me, in case your department needs such a workshop, I am sure that we can arrange something. Courses are based on the excellent books by Zuur et al.

Workshops both in Polish and English, but Polish is my native language 🙂


Forest Research InstituteDepartment of Forest Ecology, December 2016, 5 days (in polish)

Introduction to R environment, GLM, GLS, GAM, and GLMM

  • pre-analysis data exploration (outliers, colinearity etc)
  • linear models
  • generalized linear models (Gaussian, Poisson, Binomial)
  • non-linear models
  • mixed effects models
  • model validation
  • figures